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As you know I am still working on perfecting the script for my feature film Geoffrey's Heart. But on top of that I have 2 short film projects that I am currently developing... They will both be around 20 minutes in length. One is actually a total departure from a Horror genre... it is called Sex and Valentina, and is a coming-of-age romantic Dramedy about a girl who wants to be an avant guard music composer. The other is much more sinister and although not technically a Horror it will definitely feature some of the elements of the genre. But it will be a comedy thriller called Grace's Fall about a girl who's desperate desire to be famous has deadly consequences. Also preparing my pitch for next year's round of The Pitch with Homo Sapiens Sapiens - a story inspired by the Bible's most famous characters - Adam and Eve. This will be a Science Fiction Drama about two people who find themselves on a deserted island with no recollection of who they are. As some of the memories start coming back to them, it becomes apparent that something is not quite right.

And as always I am available for music video work. I pitch through Radar Music Videos on the briefs that I like, but I am flexible and always willing to help.

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