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Maya Fairy 

A magical fairytale set in modern-day Notting Hill, London. It tells a story of a mother-daughter duo who stumble upon a treacherous conspiracy that stretches across two worlds: fairy and mankind. 

Coming Soon... 

The Soultrapper 

While playing an advanced VR game, childhood friends Stef and Paul discover a group of teenagers, who have been stuck in the game for years. In order to avoid the same fate and save the others in the process, they must race against time to solve a series of elaborate puzzles.




Thirteen-year-old Moon Rains battles a relentless and mysterious illness. In a desperate quest for a cure, her mother takes her to the isolated Clearlake Institute on a remote Scottish island, a place rumoured to hold innovative treatments. During their train journey to Clearlake, Moon and her mother encounter a cryptic woman who delivers a chilling message. As Moon arrives at Clearlake, she discovers a place cloaked in secrets and shadows. Darkened halls are prowled by ghastly old witches, eerie eyes watch their every move, and children endure harrowing procedures. With the help of newfound friends, Moon embarks on a perilous journey to uncover the sinister mysteries that shroud Clearlake. One room, in particular, hides an unspeakable secret: children who enter it, vanish without a trace. Haunted by the enigmatic woman's warning: “Do not go into Room 217,” Moon and her friends race against time to escape Clearlake's sinister grasp. Will they make it out before it's too late?


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