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Self Control Shoot...

Recently I shot another short film... it was another Clockpunk Films production, which is my production company with my producing partner Lara Myles... I wrote the script ages ago, and could never quite find time to organise the shoot... I tried so many times, and many times I almost started pre-production, only to later decide that it is not quite the right time. So, this time was definitely not the right time and we had tons of issues and problems, but decided to go ahead with it anyway and make this short happen. Surprisingly, the shoot went very smoothly; thanks to great communication between me, the actors and the DOP Neil Osseman. I can't remember another shoot where we actually finished on time every single day. And that was without an AD... Really! So now all that is left is for me to edit the film, for my composer Joel Neale to edit sound and come up with some great music for it... and it will go off to festivals... Here are some pictures from the shoot... We had a great stills photographer Ian Harding who kindly agreed to take some pictures of the process... and the result is great, he really captured the mood and style of the film...

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